Emmanuel Christian School Leicester is more than a school though, it is a community. A community in which God is seated at the head, through whom all things are possible. We work in partnership with our parents to seek to enable each child to reach their God given potential: in wisdom, knowledge and character.

Emmanuel Christian School


Emmanuel Christian School, Leicester, has grown out of a vision given by God to a number of people.


In November 2001, the need and desire for a Christian School was expressed by some parents. A small group of people started to meet together to pray and seek God’s will and a public meeting was subsequently arranged in January 2002. As a result of this meeting, a Steering Committee was set up under the heading of 'Leicester and Leicestershire Christian School Project'. The Steering Committee met regularly and further public meetings were held. 

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If you would like to enrol your son/daughter to Emmanuel Christian School then we strongly recommend that you get in touch to arrange a walk around of the school.
We can then give you application forms to apply for your child/children.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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Please see our parent information page for key information regarding your child/children’s time at Emmanuel Christian School

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2018 Ofsted Inspection Quotes

Parents have extremely positive views of the school. A typical parental comment was, ‘I recommend this school to any parent who would want their child to be educated in a safe, caring environment, where children receive a thorough education from a full curriculum.’ This view was typical of those received by the inspector during the inspection.

The vast majority of pupils attain well. Pupils make good and sometimes very good progress in a wide variety of subjects.

The vast majority of pupils are self-confident and resilient learners. Classrooms are busy and purposeful, with pupils engaged in the activities. This is because the activities interest them and a large number of adults are on hand to help and support them, should they require it.

Pupils’ conduct is good. Pupils behave well in lessons, around the school and when outside during social times.

Children in the well-led early years make a good start to their learning. Teaching and progress are consistently good.

A large proportion of key stage 4 pupils leaving the school over recent years proceeded to A levels and then university. They were, therefore, well prepared for the next stage of their education or training.

Relationships between adults and pupils are warm and positive throughout the school.

Ofsted Report

To view our most recent, full Ofsted report, please click the link below.

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Our Aim

  • To recognise that parents are entrusted with the responsibility of raising children in God’s way and seek to support parents in that task.

  • To seek to provide a Christian, God-centred education.

  • To provide a truly balanced education for pupils, aiding the development of each child’s potential to the full, academically, physically, socially and spiritually.

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